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704 Analyses is a portal that houses the implementation of Integrative Inferred Kinase Activity (InKA) analysis as detailed in our  manuscript.

INKAscore allows users to reduce complex MS/MS-based phosphoproteomics data to a simple ranking of kinase activity and visualization of kinase-substrate networks in a single biological sample. To this end, the INKAscore combines kinase-centric and substrate-centric information, thereby harnessing the rich information in a phosphoproteome dataset.

Users can upload here the relevant parts of the MaxQuant search results of a phospho-proteomics experiment and obtain sample kinase activity reports and data tables with corresponding results. Currently, the InKA pipe-line can only be applied to human datasets.

This service is offered free of charge to academic users only, but users are required to  register  in order to make use of this site or download the code containing the latest improvements.